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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Berry Pies - If at first you don't succeed

I have braved the next step of pie making. Lattice crusts. I was shying away from the double crust, because, to be honest my crusts are still hit or miss. And, it is just a lot of extra trouble. I needed pies though for a couple of dinners we were hosting, though so I thought I would do mom's trusty berry pie.

Mom's Berry Pie

Approx. 1 package of frozen berries
1/4 cup of tapioca
1/2 to 3/4c of sugar

Mix all together and put in a pie crust with a lattice top. My first attempt was with a mix of balckberries and strawberries I had frozen in the fridge. There was too much tapioca and not enought sugar, and potentially overcooked. The texture was a little too close to gummy bear. It was okay but not stellar. People ate it. And smothered in ice cream, well it was fine.

Try two. I added more berries (using a bag plus of mixed berries), put in less tapioca and added more sugar. I also decided to try a shortening crust with White Lilly flour.

Pie two was uglier but tastier. The consistency was right. Unfortunately the crust wasn't so great. I learned that shortening is much easier to work with. But I could REALLY taste the shortening. It was flakier, but greasier and defintely less tasty. The white lilly flour is a little easier to work with and somehow more delicate. But I almost want the pie to have the more rustic feel. Hubby loved pie too. Definitely worth a repeat. But I must work on that lattice!