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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bunk in the Trunk Pie

You may have read in previous posts, that I keep trying to create this lemon slice pie. Well I tried it again. And it didn't work again. My mother in law had bought myer lemons and I wanted something to do with them. So I tried to make another lemon slice pie. The recipe (which I won't share) didn't work for me and in fact the custard never jelled.

So, my mother-in-law showed up and helped out by making it into a chiffon. And we served it for her birthday. It looked fine in the end. But it was bunk in trunk - no one had seconds. And to add insult to injury. The crust was bad too! I had some lovely British friends staying and they gave me the fantastic name for the pie - it fit. I don't think I will tackle this one again.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day Berry Pie

As their are so many berry pie recipes, I will not repeat these, it's basically berries, sugar and tapioca. This Valentines Day pie was no different, except for the little heart adornment. And I sprinkled the top of the pie with sugar.

Nothing shows love like a pie :)

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